Axis Bank Buzz: enjoy shopping discount

Learn more about this credit card issued under the Mastercard brand

Axis Bank Buzz

Why is this for you

A great choice for those who prefer to shop online on Flipkart, this card offers several shopping vouchers, as well as points and rewards.

Therefore, we believe that the Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card is the ideal choice for you.


  • Welcome gift voucher: get a Rs 1,000 gift voucher
  • Axis Edge Rewards: receive 2 EDGE Reward Points for every Rs.200 spent
  • Shopping Discount: on certain dates of the month, you get exclusive rewards for shopping on Flipkart
  • Card Acceptance: this card is issued under the Mastercard brand, accepted worldwide


  • Annual fee: this card charges a Rs.750 fee
  • Joining fee: it also charges a Rs.750 membership fee

The application process for this card is simple and can be done online, without leaving home.

On the next page we will tell you more details and benefits of this card and we will help you order yours. Click below and check it out.

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