Awaken your dreams with IDFC FIRST Bank’s Motorcycle Loan

Know About: Get Instant Two Wheeler Loan Quickly and Easily

Awaken your dreams with IDFC FIRST Bank’s Motorcycle Loan

IDFC First Bank was awarded the Best Private Bank Award: Distinction in Digital Innovation & Services 2019

What you need to know about this loan:

  • Loan Amounts Offered: 20L
  • Loan Terms (monthly): 48
  • Payment methods: bank account
  • Interest rate: up to 26%


  • Save on Every Mile: low interest rates to enable large savings.
  • Designed for You: from 12 to 60 months, choose how to pay.
  • Fast Approval: Why wait?
  • Simply Simple: Only a few documents needed


  • Mandatory eligibility check: credit score approval required

Why Choose IDFC FIRST Bank’s Motorcycle Loan

How about cruising down the road on your dream bike, feeling the thrill of the wind and freedom hitting your face?

When comparing IDFC FIRST Bank’s motorcycle loan with competitors like Capital Now, Bank of Baroda, and SBI, it certainly comes out ahead.

For starters, SBI and Bank of Baroda do not offer the possibility of a personalized loan for motorcycles, so they cannot excel in meeting this demand.

On the other hand, Capital Now offers instant loans for two-wheelers. However, the financing amount is much lower than IDFC FIRST Bank’s.

How to Apply for Your IDFC FIRST Bank Motorcycle Loan

Applying for the loan for your dream bike with IDFC FIRST Bank is as easy as revving the engine. Tap the button to see how to apply.

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