Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

What to Know About The card that enables its users to spend and benefit from purchases


Card Benefits:

  • Zero annual and application fees.
  • Credit Limit up to ₹5 lakhs.
  • No credit score requirement.
  • Zero Fuel surcharge.
  • Increase Amazon ICICI Technology Security

More benefits of the Amazon ICICI credit card

Offers a discount of 1% on the purchase of fuel at night. The card is very friendly because it’s free to join, and there’s no annual fee for the rest of your life. The card is available in four different membership tiers: 5% cashback for Amazon Prime membership, 3% cashback for Amazon non-Prime membership, and 2% cashback for Amazon non-Prime membership. Among other things, Amazon pays merchants for flight bookings, gift cards and bill payments. Furthermore, the card is secure as it contains a chip.

Why do we believe that using a credit card is a good idea?

Technology In e-commerce, many people prefer to shop from the comfort of their home. Shopping with cards on Amazon not only saves you time but also earns you cashback on every purchase. The card is cheap; There is no joining fee and no annual fee.

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