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SBI Quick Personal Loan

The SBI Quick Personal Loan was designed exclusively for those who do not maintain a Salary Account with the institution.

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About SBI

A Fortune 500 company, State Bank of India is an Indian multinational public sector banking and financial services company.

The institution was founded in 1955, headquartered in Mumbai and is currently the largest Indian bank, with 1/4 of the market share and serves more than 48 million customers.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Having Salary Account with any other Bank
  • Minimum monthly income of Rs. 15,000/-
  • Be between 21 and 58 years old
  • Minimum service of 1 year
  • EMI/NMI Ratio less than 50%

Here is advice for you

Before opting for a loan, keep in mind that it is a financial obligation, meaning you must make sure you have the means to pay it back.

Therefore, it is important to manage your finances well to avoid potential complications in the future.

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