Just An hour away the Capital Now Advance Salary Loan

See how to get your loan quickly and super easily, which you have to know

Just An hour away the Capital Now Advance Salary Loan

Are You Eligible? You are if you attend the following requirements:

  • You are Employed
  • Minimum Income: $1,500 per month
  • Age and Residency: 18+ years old and have a proof of address in India
  • Bank Account: You have a bank account with any financial institution from india
  • Credit Check: Does not have multiple defaults in your history

How to apply:

  • Online Application: Just log on to the official Capital Now website, there you will find the loan section and start your journey
  • Documentation: Upload your PAM, employment verification, a copy of your ID, and bank account details.
  • Approval Process: Capital Now uses automated software to quickly assess and approve loan applications, usually within a few hours of submitting your application.
  • Loan Disbursement: In less than a day, you usually receive the fund in your bank account


How much can I borrow with a Capital Now Advance Salary Loan?

The loan amount can vary, but typically, you can borrow from $100 to $2,000, depending on your income and repayment capability.

What are the interest rates for this type of loan?

Interest rates for advance salary loans are generally higher than traditional personal loans due to their short-term nature. The exact rate will be detailed in your loan agreement.

Is there a penalty for early repayment?

No, Capital Now encourages early repayment and does not charge any penalties for doing so. This could actually save you money on interest.

Can I apply if I have a bad credit score?

Yes, applicants with less-than-perfect credit may still qualify for an advance salary loan, as the focus is more on employment stability and income.

What happens if I can’t repay on time?

If you foresee difficulty in repaying the loan on time, it’s crucial to contact Capital Now immediately. They may offer options such as extensions or alternative payment plans.

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